Yasmin Al-Khudhairi stars as brand new regular, fiercely intelligent, fist-in-the-air firebrand Fizza Akhtar in series 4 of 'Ackley Bridge' for Channel 4.

'Ackley Bridge' follows the lives of people affected by a merger of two schools in a largely segregated British and Asian community. Filled with thought-provoking topics of racism, poverty, bullying, sexuality and violence, this drama is based on real life cases of schools that have merged.

The full fourth series can be seen on All 4 now.

Ackley Bridge S4_BTS. Picture shows: Kayla (ROBYN CARA)
Fizza (YASMIN AL KHUDHAIRI). Photographer: Stuart Wood
Yasmin Al-Khudhairi - Ackley Bridge
Ackley Bridge S4_Ep1. Picture shows: Kayla (ROBYN CARA)
Fizza (YASMIN AL KHUDHAIRI) and Johnny (RYAN DEAN). Photographer: Stuart Wood