About Us


The BWH Agency represents a dynamic range of actors across all ages and in all areas of the industry: radio, theatre, musical theatre, film and television to name a few. We manage clients worldwide and have close relationships with several U.S based talent agencies. Known for our sharp eye and excellent taste, we pride ourselves on discovering and nurturing new actors.


The BWH Agency is dedicated to finding work for our clients in all aspects of the business. On stage our actors can be found in West End shows and among world class companies such as The RSC, the Royal National Theatre and The Royal Court Theatre, as well as top quality rep and regional theatres such as the Manchester Royal Exchange. On the big screen, our clients appear in both independent British features and international studio movies produced by the likes of 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. We also represent actors with leading roles in established television series as well as new cutting-edge dramas and comedies across all channels and stations – BBC, Canal +, NBC, ABC, Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Marvel are just some of the companies we work with.


The BWH Agency Ltd was formed in 2004 by Andrew Braidford, Lisa Willoughby, Joe Hutton and Bill Petrie. With a wealth of experience in all areas of the industry they came together to build a business they are very proud of. An actor centric agency based on good old fashioned hard work and commitment, they are known for their honesty and offer management by design knowing that no two actors are the same.

The full team includes agent Holly Davidson, junior agent Eleanor Cairns, assistant Nicole Robinson and Maddie Burdett-Coutts in charge of accounts.



Andrew Braidford – Agent/Director

Andrew founded YoungBlood Theatre Company which evolved into his work as an agent and ultimately a partner at BWH. A life long supporter of Chelsea FC he understands more than most that longevity is needed for success!

Lisa Willoughby – Agent/Director

As a child Lisa was taken to the theatre by her Nanny Jean and Grandad Wis; one of whom always slept loudly during the show. Regardless of the snoring, this started a life long love and at the age of 18 she got herself her first job as a box office assistant. From there she worked her way around the industry gaining a through grounding in theatre and eventually in 1995 found her self in an agents office. The rest, as they say, is history. She doesn’t look old enough to have been agenting for 25 years but she is.

Joe Hutton – Agent/Director

Joe began his career as an actor but gave it all up when at the age of 30-something he was still being asked to play semi-clad teenagers. A brilliant businessman, Joe tends to wear more clothes nowadays. Joe does think Lisa looks old enough!

Bill Petrie – Agent/Director

Bill began his career as an actor and spent his resting time working as a temp for casting directors and agents. Being a bit of an entrepreneur with a lot of forward thinking, he decided to start an agency of his own initially setting up in business with his own agent and latterly forming BWH with his fellow directors. Being incredibly empathetic and understanding he is the agent that he always wanted to have.

Holly Davidson – Agent

Holly graduated with a First Class Honours Degree from the Arts, Music and Entertainment Management course at LIPA in 2008. Having spent much of her youth in Germany and Blackpool she speaks German as well as Northern. Much to the distress of all her colleagues she can eat whatever she wants whenever she wants with no visible side effects to the size of her pants.

Eleanor Cairns – Junior Agent

Elle graduated in 2012 from The University of Edinburgh with a First Class Honours Degree in English Literature and French. Her BWH career began that same year following a stint working for a publicist of comedy at the Edinburgh Festival and she’s been making us laugh, (sometimes intentionally) ever since. A human Mme Cholet, Elle can often be found cooking something delicious or else making sure our plastic goes in the re-cycling. She is our very own french speaking womble.

Nicole Robinson – Assistant

As a child Nicole played the title role of Annie. She did not need a wig. A lover of all things ginger she took the sensible decision not to pursue a life on the boards and instead studied at LIPA on the Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management course, graduating in 2016. Following a successful internship here at BWH she has now agreed to devote her time permanently to making sure that none of our clients live a hard knock life.

Maddie Burdett-Coutts – Finance Controller

Maddie was an agent for many years before giving it all up for a quiet life. She is responsible for the day to day financial operation of the company and most importantly pays the actors so is very important indeed. Be nice to her.